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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PrivacyBison? Why are you doing this?

Welcome to PrivacyBison. PrivacyBison is built on top of an API-First, Continuous Controls Measurement Platform that allows us to execute Controls at Scale. PrivacyBison extends these core platform capabilities to perform validation for Cybersecurity and Privacy controls for Web Applications. Better yet, you can consume all of the controls data through API (you will need an enterprise license for that).

How does it work?

Please refer to How it works.

Where can I get the extension?

You can get the extension from the Chrome Webstore

You will need to use Google Chrome Browser in order to use the extension.

What if I don't have Chrome as the Browser? What if I use Firefox or Microsoft Edge?

We also support browser native HTTP Archive File (HAR) file formats. Please refer to Howitworks . Select the tab of the browser that you use, to see the instructions to record user activity.

What do I gain as a User? What are my benefits?

How well do companies manage Security and Privacy of the Web Applications you frequent? How well does your IT or Platform Engineering or Development team Secure Internal or Customer Facing Applications? Answers to these questions seem to be unnecessarily complicated. PrivacyBison wants to empower Citizen Users and Citizen Employees to get answers to these questions in a simple way. This makes you not only an informed User of the Internal or External Applications, but to be able to influence your Security, DevOps, Risk and Compliance teams develop better Applications.

If you are Security, Risk or Compliance Analyst, PrivacyBison provides you simple APIs that allows you to consume and tabulate this data. You can perform trend analysis, better visualization and even model for Web Application Cybsecurity and Privacy Risks. If you want to see other controls, simply drop us a note at

How do I unsubscribe?

We have your email id but we do not (or will ever) sell your emails. We may use your email to keep you updated of our products and services. If you don't like, simply drop us a note at

Is this site free? Really? What is in it for you?

Our Basic Assessment is free. You can upgrade to a Pro license that will allow you to consume all of PrivacyBison through APIs, along with detailed metadata information on controls.

We can also absolutely help you with Automating your Enterprise Controls for Riska nd Compliance. Ask us how at

What if I have a complaint?

Our team strives to do its best. We might lack at times. Sorry if we caused any inconvenience. Just write to us at and we will do our very best to satisfy you.

I don't see my question. Where can I ask?

I think you should...

We will love your ideas and suggestions. Every startup succeeds because of few passionate leaders and contributors such as yourself. Please send us your criticisms, comments, suggestions or any feedback. We will absolutely remember you! You can email us at