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Observations based on User Activity File

Non-Intrusive Cybersecurity and Privacy Observations based on User Activity File

General Security Checks

Conduct a thorough examination to identify and address any open system ports within your web application domain or its associated sub-domains, aiming to enhance security and mitigate potential risks.

Privacy Checks

Conduct an analysis to examine the cookies set by your web application, focusing on security, third-party involvement, and tracking functionalities to prevent data exfiltration.

Application Security Checks

Conduct an examination of session tokens present in GET request URLs to identify potential vulnerabilities related to cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks.

Utilize a header analyzer to inspect multiple aspects of website headers, ensuring proper configuration and adherence to security standards.


Warnings PrivacyBison publishes warnings when it learns a service has announced a data breach or is found misusing user data. If you believe a warning should be published for