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Observations based on User Activity File

Non-Intrusive Cybersecurity and Privacy Observations based on User Activity File

General Security Checks

Conduct an assessment to ensure that your web application's SSL/TLS certificates meet the required standards, focusing on factors such as protocol version and cipher strength, to enhance security and prevent vulnerabilities.

Conduct a thorough examination to identify and address any open system ports within your web application domain or its associated sub-domains, aiming to enhance security and mitigate potential risks.

Application Security Checks

Conduct a subresource integrity check to ensure that external resources, such as scripts or stylesheets, are delivered securely and have not been altered maliciously.

Use a JavaScript vulnerability scanner to identify and mitigate potential security weaknesses within the web application's JavaScript codebase.

Conduct an examination of session tokens present in GET request URLs to identify potential vulnerabilities related to cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks.

Utilize a header analyzer to inspect multiple aspects of website headers, ensuring proper configuration and adherence to security standards.


Warnings PrivacyBison publishes warnings when it learns a service has announced a data breach or is found misusing user data. If you believe a warning should be published for